Need some help with the most difficult part of your fitness journey? We can show you how to eat healthier within 6 weeks!

Healthy Food


StarrFitness has to offer great Nutrition Guides to really kick start your fitness goals! We can help you lose weight, gain muscle and feel better about yourself within 6 weeks! 

Our 6 week Nutrition guide gives you:

- 6 weeks of meals (Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner!) 

- 6 weeks of grocery shopping lists 

- 6 weeks of Macros (Calorie, Protein, Carbs and Fat count) 

Sweet potato burger or chicken sandwich_


When we workout and get active our body actually NEEDS more nutrients to lose weight. Otherwise we will keep everything we consume as energy (aka fat) and never lose it because our body is trying to keep us from starving! We need to make sure we are eating all the good stuff, healthy fats, complex carbs, healthy proteins and the big one NO PROCESSED FOODS! This Nutrition Guide is to show you how processed foods are terrible for our bodies.


"I wanted to try something new and I knew I wasn't eating enough throughout the day. This 6 week Nutrition Guide changed everything for me! I've lost 25 lbs in 5 months! After the 6 weeks I saw a total lose of 10 lbs and just kept up with the Nutrition Guide! I love it!




All nutrition guides come with a FREE consultation to make sure everything on the guide is food you will eat!


6 week Non-Processed Nutrition Guide

This is a basic Nutrition Guide, nothing special to it, no special recipes that you have to follow and will take forever to make. This is perfect for the busy bee that doesn't have much time to cook but wants good, healthy meals that taste delicious. Not everyone is going to like everything on this Nutrition Guide but if you tell us, we can find a healthy alternative for you! We can also modify it to any non-dairy, gluten free, diabetic, or allergies you may have to certain foods.


6 week Vegetarian Guide

Just like the 6 week Nutriton Guide before but this one is for all of our veggie lovers out there! We make sure everything is vegetarian friendly and you get enough protein along with that! Again we can modify any meal that you don't like. This Nutrition Guide will be a little more work, take a little more time to prep each meal but completely worth it! The food on here is AMAZING. Sara and I (mostly Sara) worked very hard on this. We hope you like it as much as we did!



Of course you can! But are you guaranteed to like it? We make sure you like everything on the menu.
We don't have some crazy recipe with 50 different types of spices that you have to go out and buy. Just pure good, homemade food.
Food that looks awesome and tastes even better!


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